In order to have an overall development of the student, special video film on different subjects like wild-life, adventure, sports, personality development, tourism etc, are also arranged. The daily newspaper and magazines are made available for reading. Games and sports outdoor games like Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Kho-Kho, and etc. facilitated here.

Also indoor games like Table-tennis, Chess, Carrom are encouraged.

  • Obstacle Course & Tug of war
  • Jungle Camp, Trekking & Artificial wall climbing
  • Rifle shooting & Archery
  • Karate, Boxing, Yoga, Weight lifting, Body building etc.
  • Drill and Parade are a part of the curriculum.


There are for houses in which students are accommodated. The students are divided as per their age. The intermixing of class gives them an opportunity to adjust to seniors, juniors and equals which remains the present need if society. A cot, mattress, pillow, bed sheets, pillow covers and a mall cupboard are provided. Each house is looked after by a house master. Parents are not permitted into houses for safety and security reasons.


The in-house mess provides for a menu which is nutritious and hygienically suitable for the growing children. All the students dine is a common mess which caters both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


The mess provides Tea, breakfast, mid-time Snacks, Lunch & Dinner to the students at specific timings. Outside eatables are not permitted in the mess.